Generative design - growth/pruning

Example - optimizing weight/strength

  • Starting with a rod fixed on a plate
  • A constant force is applied to the top of the rod
  • The bottom of the plate is fixed to the "floor"
  • FEM simulation
    • Removing voxels with least stress
    • Adding voxels to locations close to voxels with most stress
    • All voxels next to the floor will be fixed
    • The top voxel layer can not be removed

New surprising shapes are "evolved". One "leg" morphs into two

Just started ... many more new shapes and problems are waiting. Current challenge:

  • Singularities

I guess that the utimate goal for max strength/weigth is to have the same stress i all voxels?

High res voxel bodies can be generated from low res results by linear regression and "stress/field generation" ... I guess

1:34 - RobinGen